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How do you cheat on a slot machine?

Cheat – deceive, trick, swindle, defraud, bamboozle, and take advantage of. These are just few definitions of the word “cheat” but still one common objective; unfairly getting what someone wanted by not doing the right thing.

We all know that cheating is the dirtiest but still the fastest way to gain the reciprocal essence of the word failure, though no one can tell that it may be a success because it is not. On slot machines, cheating is not a jargon word that is uncommon to anybody who is playing slot. Many are still hunting for any method on cheating slot machines.

Actually, there are bounties of mythology regarding this kind of game tricksters as bountiful as the different processes on making a cheat with this game. But before continuing any further with this article, bear in mind this truth that there is actually no means to cheat or even trick newly devised machineries for slot games.

Is it really possible to cheat at slots and get away with it? Certainly, many people have tried and some of them have actually been successful, at least for a period of time. Generally, it is believed that escaping from the authority after making an illegal cheat on a particular gambling enterprise would be untrue.

Well-known news program and even entertainment programs had provided overflowing samplings not only of individuals but also a team composing more than one member that believed to had tricked casinos in Las Vegas in dealing plenty of cash. Say for example, MIT Blackjack group. Given the fact that those members of this team has not been put into justice by stealing big amount from a gambling enterprise with the amount that has not anybody can imagine. The group did not last the hunts because they are caught in just a few moments of enjoying what they have cheated for.

The possibility of cheating Slot Machines!

Nowadays, the only possible and obvious way of cheating slot machine is to become a slot machine insider! Meaning, cheater needs to work for a slot machine manufacturer. Cheater needs to be a part of the development and building of the slot machines as a programmer. That programmer can make a defect on the system of the slot machine, and then he needs to follow that machine wherever it would be located on any casino. Aside from the fact that the programmer needs a lot of time to do this cheating, the casino that would keep this machine would be aware of some discrepancies by regularly watching over their machine’s payouts, and would soon probably be more alarmed and wise to the fact that one particular machine is regularly paying one particular slot player a ridiculous amount of money. So, therefore, the possibility of cheating slot machines is actually next to impossible.

How to Cheat Mechanical Slot Machines!

There are actually other ways of earning more winnings rather than those ordinary claiming of luck in playing slot machines and aside from being fair and honest gaming especially in these evolution of machineries that became mechanical and in the more high-technical machineries such as electronic-mechanical machineries for slot gaming. Every possible process and each of anything that is possible will be tried to challenge in cheating the casinos for extra winnings an additional amount of cash.

One very relevant example is the famous mechanism which is also known as “Monkey’s Paw”, created creatively to cheat more by Tommy Glenn Carmichael that happened to be spending his life behind bars almost forever. This guy actually created a havoc in the world of slots gaming as he became the greatest popular guy who made a success in cheating this kind of game. Not finding it hard to do some cheating on the slot machine gaming, Carmichael shifted his bread winning occupation from being the owner and operator of a shop that is repairing a television set to a slot machine cheater .

The device Monkey’s Paw is actually simpler to use than the meaning of its name itself. It is just a plain portion of bendable steel about one regular ruler height with a claw-like shape on the tip of the other end. It would be injected where the cash would be released by the machine until when there is a sound that decides the cheater that it would be successful. On this moment, the trickster knew that he’d achieved what he had hoped with the instrument. And when achieved, this instrument called the Monkey’s Paw will meddle with the machines’ technicalities, making the lose tread machine pay over and over.

The original technique which Carmichael created in making a fool by cheating a slot machine would actually be an instrument recognized and called as “top-bottom joint” which is created on the year 1960. It was a success on its first couple of tries because he was able to gain from the cheated slot machines with this device. In due course, his happy moments in fooling a machine did not last long because it was noticed and Carmichael was arrested during the 1985 manhunt making this incident for him to stay behind bars imprisonment.

Throughout his period in prison, there is one inmate who joined forces with him after their release in continuation of what he planned for the beginning. Together they concluded that it is essential to procure one of the newer versions of slot machine after determining that the technology behind slot machines had changed. This is to be able to distinguish what processes these modern machines worked. It is in this matter that the two of them led this to the improvement of a device which is known to be “sliders”. Sliders that can actually cause to interchange the tick slice where the coins are released when injected to a slot machine. These are made up of a guitar string wire which could also discharge a lot of coins.

Moreover slot machines have been developing and making its wave on the internet world making the game online. By this, Carmichael again believed that he again needs to create another device to parallel the innovations and development when it regards to playing slot machines. Carmichael pretended as a client and was able to disguise as an employee of a slots machines’ factory in order to invent this tool. And the light wand was produced. It is a device with a spy cam operated by a battery. This light wand will spark internally while in use within the slot machine to block and make the sensor lost thread and that will cause the machine to discharge tokens or coins. It was almost undetectable, and that is one of the advantages of light wand. It is not so hard for Carmichael to sell the light wand because of the proof of what it can do. Based on his successful sales of this device, this proves to be considered so much productive in a way of living to the one who invented it. For quite some time Carmichael because of this, had lived the life everybody wanted.

For the reason of a thorough outcome of this man’s capability to outwit what the slot machine can do technically, when slot machines producers continually create things that make these machineries more high-tech and more complicated. In due course, the producers had also created the device so called “Actuator Arm”. And for this, again, the culprit Carmichael together with some colleagues and friends have developed another device parallel to outsmart the most modern and the latest device for the safetiness in playing slot machines.
There are still known strategies to cheat a slot machine, this is said to be a shaved coins. These shaved coins are just tokens or coins that are distorted for them to get into the machine’s internal technicalities right after the game has been activated. This kind of cheating will make one coin to play endlessly. Another way is by using a tread with a coin that is sometimes called “plugs”. This is one simple and effective way in making a cheat on this game. This device would pull the plug down where the coin is also inserted to start the game and through this method, coins will be released without any hardships again and again until the machine would drop the last coin from it.

Advanced mechanical slots can also be cheated!

Simple mechanical means has never been enough for those cheaters, extreme and a more high-tech modernized strategies would also be a way in cheating machines aside from the already existing simple means. The challenges of becoming wealthy through an instant method is no doubt wanted whether from a goodwill or from evil doings. And cheating is just the same and common even on a more sophisticated cheating processes.

Tiny models of unheavy box together with some other perfunctory devices that discharge definite light rays are also one way of cheating by placing this device close sufficiently to navigate antenna that empower the machine. Its objective is to make the machine be out of its original purpose and make it eventually malfunctioning. By this, the machine would not be able to monitor the right task of the payout procedures and making it overpaying the players.

Good news for the slot machines operator but very unfortunate for the cheaters because these ways of cheating are already studied and analyzed by the experts. These tactics are already outsmarted by those producers of more modernized machines. Slot machines manufacturers had made all the machines nowadays a “cheat free” machines and even those devices that had created by Carmichael could be used on these modern machines because it is now fatal and impossible. There is news probably or the so called urban legend that slot cheaters were burned badly or even lethally wounded because of the electric volts that the machine contains internally.

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