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Slots Rules

Believed to be one of the most favorite of every casino not only because of the cash that it brings to the casino but also the simplicity of the rules to follow when playing this game. It gives more money to the casino as compared to any other games available for the reason that it is also the most played game in any casino. With the very understandable rules, even a child can easily play this machine. Players must choose first whether a 3 reel machine or a 5 reel machine is to be used. Players may also select an option on how many pay lines is to be played. But most of the players choose machines that are based on its monetary values. Meaning how long is a single penny if you put it as a bet or how many spin can anyone make for a single dollar. Or in other words, a player must identify the number of coins per round he can play. Many of them are five coin limits. There are slot machines that use nickel; some slot machines are for dime, quarter, and even dollar slot machines exist.How to play slotsPlayers must choose the bet first. And if players go with the multiple pay lines, player must select maximum bet after putting up a fund before clicking the spin, or in case of a land based casino, pulling the bar is more appropriate. The pay tables depend on the slot machines and most of the time depends on the casino. A lot of casino operators have different calculations on what amount of money that would be able to get per slot machine. A lot of the slot machines have a fake bar to offer the old fashioned look. Players must also need to know and understand what combinations are needed to acquire to be able to know if that player wins the jackpot.
There is no big difference when it comes to online casino as compared to land based casino. But the advantage of playing online is extremely commendable. The rewards and the amount of jackpot in online casino are much bigger because online slot has less overhead expenses as compared to land based casinos. Online slots also have a lot more jackpots so there are more frequent jackpot winners on online rather than on land based casino. Online casino slots’ result is actually based on random computer program. If ever the jackpot was able to hit, the software will reset the jackpot prize to its original amount. In progressive jackpot slot, the denomination will continue to increase until the jackpot combination has been acquired. There are also machines that have a constant prize to win, meaning, the win is fix and not moving. One of the most convincing persuasions to attract players to stick on their casino is the offer of a certain percentage of winning rate. Players will just do the betting and the spinning and the software would take charge of computing the players’ win.
2 types of slotsSlots nowadays whether they are online or land based casinos are categorized into two types; the progressive slots and the straight slots. They differ only on the name but also on the process of paying out winnings and the computation of the jackpot amount. Straight slots are for those players who wanted a fix amount for the jackpot prize, meaning, no matter how many players are playing this straight slot or regardless of how many coins the players are betting for straight slot, the jackpot amount remains the same and not moving. On the other hand, progressive slots from the name itself progressive, the amount of the jackpot prize depends on how many players are playing the machines and how many coins the players are betting. Each coin that is bet in progressive slot intends to increase the jackpot prize. This is why this type of slot is getting more attention not only by the casino enthusiasts but also by the casino operators as it is more productive to run this type of slot rather than straight slots. Just to reiterate, that the jackpot prize available in progressive slot is much more head turning than the straight slots probably making progressive slot a lot more challenging to play as the consequence it may be.
Aside from the never ending computations of the difference of the jackpot amount of the two types of slots, there are still a lot of factors of consideration for the players to select which game he would enjoy better. This may includes the difference between the number of reels, three, four or five. Also the number and the value of the coins, how long would the coins last for a slots play. And most importantly, the number of pay lines that are at stake.
Among the different numbers of reels, the three reel slots are the most popular. Although there are a lot also of four reel slot and five reels slot in many casinos whether online or land based. Obviously by common sense, it is more probable to acquire a winning combination from a three reel slot than those four and five. Simply because of the number of the symbols that occur in four or five reel slots. There is also difference with the payouts which depends on the type of the slots that the player is inclined to play. Of course it may depend on the percentage of the coins that the slot machines are getting. By common knowledge also, slot machine would never give a payout that is larger than what it gets. And its software takes charge of these. The machine are also programmed of course to limit giving out the jackpot prize because of course the objective of the operator is to profit from the machine.
The probability of hitting the winning combination is based also on the number of pay lines. The more pay lines, the more chances of winning, but there is a twist, player should pay different coins for every pay line he wanted to acquire. To be able to get the highest number of pay lines, player should bet the maximum number of coins. But there are still standard slots that offer only one pay line, therefore only single coin is bet.
In the case of awarding and claiming of prizes, there are instances specially the old fashioned slot machines, from where in the players needs to notify the casino staff that he had win big, but some machines that are a little bit high tech and uses a slot card, the winnings are automatically adjusted to the card. Online slot process of awarding the jackpot prize also varies depends on the house rules of the online casinos. Some are sending telegrams to the winners. Some online casino just transferred the amount to the deposited fund of the players

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